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Bio Process
1 Fermentors
“SUNRISE” presents a range of low-cost Bioreactors and Fermentors designed for performance and ease of use. Using the latest in microprocessor based technology to give a controller system that works effectively and is extremely reliable.
NOTE: specifications on request

2 Ribbon blender
a. Size: 16” Dia x 19” H x 36” L
      5 hp motor
Working capacity 100 Kgs,
b. Size: 28 Dia x 24 H x 40 L
      7.5 hp motor
Working capacity 200 Kgs,
a. Enclosure for Geared motor drive
b. Variable Speed Drive
The inner drum side rotor Shaft ribbon assembly to be made out of Stainless steel ribbons with flanges both the sides. The plumbing blocks are provided with gland or Teflon packing to ensure against leakage. The suitable rating motor of 3 phase motor with reduction geared box is mounted on Sturdy MS Stand
The discharge is fitted with lever operated sliding side opening gate, which fits flush with base of the trough, thus obviating the formation of a packet of material, which under other conditions would not get mixed
Note: other capacity are made to order
Ribbon blender

3 Vertical Autoclave (Complete Stainless Steel)
Inner in inches(Dia.xHt)
12     x    22
40 lit.
14     x    24
60 lit.
16     x    28
100 lit.
18     x    30
125 lit.
22     x    30
185 lit.
24     x    36
260 lit
Auto pressure control switch to set any min. and max. Pressure level
Programmable temperature controller cum timer for auto cutoff with alarm.
Low water level cutoff with S.S. heater to avoid heater Damage dry run.
Vertical Autoclave
Inner 2mm thick plate and outer chamber made of 304 Grade S.S. with quality insulation, supplied with heavy duty S.S lid, silicon gasket, swing nut S.S locking system, suitable no. of material loading perforated baskets in S.S. lid opening by pedal lifting device. Control panel with digital controller cum timer (optional). The unit supplied with safety valve, mechanical spring-loaded valve, steam release valve, 4” dia pressure gauge durable S.S. heaters to work on 230V.

4 Horizontal Cylindrical Autoclave – with Radial Locking System.
Inner in inches(Dia. x Depth)
16   x   28
90 lit
18   x   30
120 lit
22   x   30
175 lit
22   x   36
225 lit
24   x   36
260 lit
30   x   48
550 lit
Horizontal Cylindrical Autoclave
Auto pressure control switch to set any min. and max. pressure level.
Programmable temp. cum timer for auto cutoff with alarm.
Low water level cutoff with S.S. heater to avoid heater damage dry run.
Triple Jacket for dry steam sterilization with moisture traps 30% EXTRA on the basic price.
Inner and outer chamber made of 304 Grade S.S. with quality insulation, lid with radial locking system, Silicon gasket. Chamber Mounted on M. S sturdy stand with the steam boiler beneath. Suitable no. of S.S. perforated trays with shelves for easy handling of materials. Control panel with Programmable digital controller cum timer, auto pressure switch (optional). Supplied with safety valve, mechanical spring loaded valve, steam release valve, 4” Dia. pressure gauge durable S.S. heaters to work on 230V/ 415 V

5 B.O.D. Incubator Temp. Range 5.C to 60.C +/- 0.5.C
Cft / lit.
Outer size(cms)
Inner size(cms)
3 / 95
50 x 60 x 100
40 x 40 x 55
6 / 170
62 x 67 x 138
50 x 41 x 84
10 / 285
70 x 75 x 153
58 x 49 x 99
12 / 340
74 x 78 x 161
62 x 52 x 102
Chamber illumination with fluorescent lights regulated by 0-24 hrs timer.
Voltage stabilizer.
B.O.D Incubator Temp.
Control panel:
All controls and circuitry are housed at the top of the incubator and therefore protected from spillage. µp based µp based PID digital temperature controller cum indicator with feather touch buttons, uniform front panel sticker, and protective fuse.

6 Bio-Safety Cabinet class II
Working Area
3’ x 2’ x 2’
4’ x 2’x 2’
 CRCA Steel sheet 16G (powder coated).
Filtration I
 Pre-filter non woven pleated (5 micron particles).
Filtration II  HEPA filter 0.3micron at an efficiency of 99.97%
Motor Blower
 ¾ HP motor with aluminium curved impeller.
S.S. Work Table
 5mm perforation at 10mm pitch on front and rear  edges.
Work Surface
 SS with perforation at 5”along the front and rear edges.
Manometer  differential pressure between the Hepa plenum and the  atmosphere.
 fluorescent lamps and U.V lamps with guard for eye  protection
Bio Safety Cabinet Class II

Special features:
Flame umbrella made in S.S with gas cock & electric sockets at sides.
Powder coated steel construction mounted on castor wheels with lock for mobility with Stability
Protects the product and the user with zero contamination risk.
Vertical laminar airflow with air intake across access opening.
20% air exhausted, via HEPA filter, 80% re-circulated into the sterile area.
Negative pressure in all areas which are subject to contamination risk ensures, that even if a leak should occur in the sealing system, all particles will be returned to the pressure chamber and will be absorbed by the air circulation and the exhaust air filter.
Special exhaust system: to throw the contaminated air in the atmosphere safely.
Provides a comfortable sit down working position with foot rest.
STAINLESS STEEL perforated grill to the hepa filter gives good protection.
Full sliding clear polycarbonate door with adjustable heights.
Single piece HEPA FILTER ensures against dead air space inside the working area.
Exhaust ducting with suitable fittings per running feet.
Virus burn out unit: ensures total destruction of pathogens Present in air being exhausted from the cabinet.

7 Horizontal deep freezer Temp: - 20.C OR -35.C
Inner size
80 x 37 x 68 
120 x 37 x 68
130 x 50 x 78
Horizontal Deep Freezer

8 Vertical Deep freezers
50 x 43 x 85
58 x 50 x 99
Inner chamber 304 G S.S & outer M.S. powder coated having PUF insulation to minimize the heat loss. 100% leak proof door with imported beadings ensures against loss of temperature and sweating.
Vertical Deep Freezer
Hermetically sealed refrigeration is most economical, trouble free and exceptionally quiet.  Fast freezing arrangements is done by providing the cooling coil beneath every trays /shelves.  Control panel with µp based digital controller cum indicator with 200secs. Time delay, built-in voltage stabilizer, protective fuse etc.

9 Hot plate
Inner in inches
8” Dia
10” x 12”
12” x 18”

The body is beautifully designed and constructed by mild steel and top by iron plate, fitted with kanthal wire coil and insulated ceramic beads. For protection of heat unit is insulated by suitable materials like asbestos and glass wool etc to the body temp range upto 250oC. Controlled by energy regulator
Hot Plate

10 Laminar Air flow complete steel hood with 304G S.S table
Working Area: 
2’x 2’ x2’
3’ x 2’ x 2’
4’ x 2’ x2’ 6’ x 2’ x 2’
Powder coated steel construction of 18G. Unit is designed to meet the filtration, illumination, noise and vibration requirements providing particle free air to meet class100 conditions. Double filtered air blows in laminar flow through the worktable at designed velocity of 100 ft/min., 20%. HEPA filter has an efficiency rating as high as 99.99% with cold DOP and 99.97 with hot DOP. All components are of superior quality to give a fine finish combining aesthetic appeal, functioning utility and efficiency
The whole unit is easily detachable and portable.
Caster wheels with lock ensure mobility with stability.
100% leak proof fittings ensures against contamination.
Laminar Air Flow
Provides a comfortable sit down working position with footrest.
Uniformly well- illuminated S.S. worktable with U.V. light.
Uniform perforated S.S. grill gives good look & protection with easy cleaning.
Complete powder coated steel construction without variation or rusting.
Supplied with manometer, electrical controls, gas connection and other standard provisions.
Scientifically designed ducting & blowers ensures perfect air volume of 100 feet / per minute.
Single piece HEPA FILTER ensures against dead space inside the working area.
Full sliding door with counter weight mechanism & side panels are with polycarbonate, U.V. protected.

11 Heating Mantles
Capacity in ml
100 ml
250 ml
500 ml
1000 ml
Heating Mantles
Made by best quality MS housing fitted with knitted glass fabric heating surface suitable for capacities of flasks. Maximum surface temperature is 450oC the working of heater. Available in round and flat bottom, Ranging from 50 ml to 50000 ml flasks capacities power 240 V also beaker type mantle, funnel type mantle and suspended type mantle.

12 Orbital Shaking Incubator Temp. +5.C above ambient to 60.C
Temp. +5.C to 60.C
Temp. Accuracy ± 0.5.C
Stainless steel inner chamber, outer sheet steel powder coated with plexi glass inner door
Powerful and continuous air circulator for uniformity of temperature
Digital Display temperature controller
Shaking Speed 20 to 250-300 rpm variable
Step less speed regulator with digital display of speed
Universal platform to accommodate interchangeable clamps of assorted sizes for different capacity of flasks OR
Orbital Shaking Incubator
Any one of this following platform with clamps
    100 ml x 40 flasks 150 ml x 34 flasks
    250 ml x 23 flasks 500 ml x 34 flasks
  1000 ml x 9 flasks  
Maximum load it carries 15 kg
Built in timer 0-24 hrs continuous operation
Orbital stroke at 25 mm
Chamber illumination by CFL Bulb
This unit can be used simultaneously as incubator as well shaker
Made of Sheet steel in Sandwich construction. Flush fitting type pressurizing module to pressurize and sustain the clean air with HEPA filter of 0.3 microns, pre filter and motor blower assembly it delivers filtered air into the room thus upgrading cleanliness level
This air module builds a positive pressure in the room when compared to the adjacent area. This pressure gradient prevents ingress of particles through door leaks or when the door is opened
All Quartz Double Distillation
Capacity / Model
1 liters per hour capacity
2 liters per hour capacity
3 liters per hour capacity
5 liters per hour capacity
All quartz Double Distillation
Compact design, with all contact of water with high purity electronic grade transparent quartz only.
The main Unit has got a bottom boiler and top boiler with condenser, which can be easily separated (demountable), for Necessary cleaning or maintenance if required, Bottom vent is provided in bottom boiler for general cleaning and maintenance
The electrical heaters are so designed, they do not come into contact with water, because they are embedded inside a Quartz tube, hence nullifying the possibilities of metal contamination by the heaters
The given volume of water in the boiler during the process the distillation process is very less, resulting in low heat loss, hence power is saved.
The distillate obtained form the apparatus is pyrogen free, it is also free from metal ions.
All water connection can be given with threaded connectors.
Demountable ball joint. Spiral heaters have life span than rubber sheathed heaters.
Automatic dual cut off system the entire unit stops functioning
Water softener reduces water scaling in the boiler       

The water distillate obtained from Quartz Double Distillation is beyond when compared with water distillate obtained from other types / method of distillation apparatus.
Compact design with all contact of water with High Purity Electronic Grade Transparent Quartz only.
The main unit has got a bottom boiler and top boiler with condenser, which can be easily separated (Demountable), for necessary cleaning or maintenance, if required. Bottom vent is provided in bottom boiler for general cleaning and maintenance.
The main constitute of Quartz is SiO2 > 99.9%, which makes the apparatus highly resistant to any thermal shock, deverification and resistant to water and acids
The electrical heaters are so designed, they do not come in contact with water because they are embedded inside a quartz tube, hence nullifying the possibility of metal contamination by the heaters.
The given volume of water during Distillation process is very less, resulting in low heat loss, hence power is saved.
The distillate obtained from this apparatus is PYROGEN FREE, it is also free from metal ions.
All water connections can be given with threaded connecters.
Demountable ball joint. Spiral heaters has better life span than tubular sheathed heater.
13 pH Meter
  Specification: Bench pH / Mv meter, Microprocessor based pH meter ( pH with temperature) Type: table top pH range -0 to 14 accuracy: ± 0.1 & 0.01pH
14 Pressure module
  Size: 18” W x 18” x H x 24”D
Size: 24” W x 24” x H x 30”D
15 Tray Dryer
Inner in inches    
24 x 24 x 36 12 trays 3KW
24 x 24 x 48 16 trays 4KW
24 x 24 x 60 20 trays 6KW
Optional Accessories    
MS trolleys with shelves 10% extra on the basic price.
MS Trays 10%, S.S perforated trays 25% extra on the basic price.
Tray Dryer
Well insulated outer body powder coated, inner 304G stainless steel with adjustable shelves and trays (optional). Heavy-duty air blower is used for effective air circulations and uniform circulation through the cabinet. Heating elements are placed in the path of moving air duly insulated from the body Single door fitted with heavy duty lock. Control panel with uniform front panel sticker, feather touch buttons digital temperature controller cum indicator with solid state relay and protective fuse. with air ventilators, main cord, 3 pin plug top for operation at 230V.

16 Retort
Inner size 1000mm” Dia x 1000mm” Depth 
Steam Boiler, Pressure switch, steam reservoir, water level indicator
Air Compressor with receiver & centrifugal high pressure pump with fittings
Auto control with user friendly PLC
Completely made of stainless steel, ceramic wool insulation with S.S. Cladding supplied with material loading S.S. basket for comfortable loading and unloading operations, water drain, gland nut provision, safety valves, vacuum breaker, 4” dia pressure gauges, railings, stoppers and other special fittings like built-in S.S. Plumbing line which has provisions for automatic steam / air injection through solenoid valves controlled by simple PLC or bypass system for manual operation. The steam and air drawn from external source is injected by specially designed nozzles for uniform distribution of temp. & pressure inside the chamber cooling water is sprayed specially designed sprinklers placed at suitable distance to cover all the area for rapid cooling within 10 mts though high pressure pump. The cold water inlet valve and the drain are manually operated. All the controls are done as per the chamber temperature.

17 Distilled Water Still
cap: 2 lts/hr
1.5 KW
cap: 4 lts/hr
3.0 KW
cap: 6 lts/hr
4.0 KW
cap: 8 lts/hr
6.0 KW
cap: 10 lts/hr
8.0 KW
Distilled Water Still
Water stills are made of stainless steel sheet and attractive polished. A conical condenser tube passes centrally through an outer tube carry the inlet water, which helps the condensation process and economics electrical energy. A triple action vapour baffle is provided over a condenser tube, which prevents contaminations of distilled water due to boiling water, splashing into delivery tube. A constant level device is also provided. A wall mounting wall bracket and electrical cord is supplied.
Note: No discounts for Optional accessories
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